13 December 2008


I can find virtually no information about this concert on the net. I must assume that the details I have are correct:-

Frank Wright/Andrew Cyrille Duo
Soundscape, New York
December 09, 1981

Set 1
1. 19:49
2. 25:40
3. 13:07

Set 2
1. 22:28
2. 12:33
3. 13:39
Frank Wright - reeds
Andrew Cyrille - drums

The seeder in dime (my thanks to him) stated that he had got it in trade, so it's been doing the rounds for some years.
I can find no recorded evidence that Wright played with Cyrille on other occasions. All I can say is that it is definitely Frank Wright accompanied by an excellent drummer, who isn't Muhammed Ali, Wright's more common partner, and probably is Cyrille. If there are any experts out there, perhaps they can confirm this.
The tracks are all improvisational pieces and are not tunes I've heard Wright play on his recordings. I also have the 2nd set, but frankly it would be an over-indulgence to post 2 hours of duo playing. If anyone particularly would like the other, then I could post it sometime in the future.
Sound quality is really quite good, perhaps too good for an audience recording of the time, so I've included flac as well as mp3 versions.


Boromir said...
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lc said...

'just downloaded it.
I, for one, would actually not mind the over-indulgence.
thanks in any case, Boromir.

Jazzme said...

I like over - indungence bring on pt 2 Steve

david_grundy said...

yes, indulgence in this case would be welcomed. beats the usual seasonal binging, anyway!

wightdj said...

I can't get enough of Reverend Frank, so please post the second set. Sure beats Christmas carols. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Here is some more info re: Frank Wright with Andrew Cyrille. They played together at the (Jimmy Lyons Benefit - Live Public Theater, NYC 1986 4cdr set), cdr #4 has a 26:24 long piece with the lineup of: Frank Wright-(tenor sax), Ken McIntyre-(alto sax), William Parker-(bass), Andrew Cyrille (drums), truly a great and heartfelt moment in the NYC free jazz community. All love and respect to Jimmy Lyons.


Jake said...

I was at that concert - and Rev Frank was the star of the show even though the bill included - Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, David murray with the original World Saxophone Quartet, Sun Ra with full Arkestra - Gilmore, Allen, Joseph Jarman, Don Pullen, Muhal Richard Abrams.
Now anonymouse - are you saying there is a recording of this?????? PLEASE - more details.

Boromir said...

I'll post the 2nd set within the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

Just to echo Jake's plea - it would be great if that Jimmy Lyons Benefit concert could be posted. It does seem to be available on various tradelists.

htakat said...

hi Boromir first af all congratulations for nice work that you are doing here in this blog

this is great concept i have all ready downloaded from Dime with a good sound qouality i had made a artwork cover design for the two set if you are need this you can find it here:



Robin said...

This is a wonderful site. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time, care, consideration and considerable understanding to the music you make available to us all. Thank you

Anonymous said...

RE: Jimmy Lyons Benefit - Live Public Theater, NYC 1986 4cdr set

Jimmy Lyons Benefit
Public Theater
aud>?>cass(likely 1st gen)>cdr>eac(secure mode)>flac(level 8)
total time 3:42:52

tape>cdr transfer by ????????


1 - Intro by?

2 - Don Pullen (piano) Cameron Brown (drums) Bobby Battle (bass)

3 - Sam Rivers (tenor sax) Don Pullen (piano) Cameron Brown (drums) Bobby Battle (bass)

4 - Anthony Davis (piano)

5 - Untitled Improvisation/Discipline 27-II/ Tomorrow Is Knocking at Your Door/Unidentified Title/East of the Sun

6 - Yeah Man!

7 - Prelude To a Kiss

8 - I Want To Be Happy Sun Ra Arkestra


1 - ?

2 - Thulani Davis (vocal on 1 only) Joseph Jarman (saxophone) Don Moye (drums)

3 - All Star Jam Archie Shepp (tenor sax) John Purcell (alto sax)Don Byron (clarinet)
Raphe Malik (trumpet) Muhal Richard Abrams (piano) Brian Smith (bass) Andrew Cyrille (drums)

4 - ?

5 - ?

6 - Wellspring Jeanne Lee Trio(4-6) and Choir(5-6) w/Gunter Hampel(6 only)


1 - Journey to Edanares Jeanne Lee Trio and Choir w/Gunter Hampel

2 - Walt Dickerson (vibraphone) solo

3 - When the Spirit Returns

4,5 - Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Lester Bowie (trumpet)


1 - Frank Wright (tenor sax) Ken McIntyre (alto sax)
William Parker (bass)Andrew Cyrille (drums)


jake said...

I remember Marvin Smitty Smith with a Japanese bass player and a female vocalist - was that with Jeanne Lee?
Also I'm pretty sure the MC for the night was Andrew Cyrille.
And - not having heard this recording - the World Saxophone Quartet - Hemphill, Bluiett, Murray and Lake played that night - so they may be one or two of the "?"s.
Lastly - Cameron Brown plays bass and Bobby Battle plays drums with Sam Rivers.

As I read this playlist it all comes back - what an awesome concert - I really hope it shows up.

Anonymous said...

many many many thanks!!
don't give up to do such stuff

wightdj said...

htakat, could you please re-up your artwork? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Seems to be a lot of unreleased Frank Wright on Soulseek. Including a lot with Cecil Taylor. Goto slsknet.org-->DL program-->open program-->follow instructions-->get the Frank Wright of your dreams. SLSK is doing it up!


PS: Hi Dale, better late then never.

htakat said...

my artwork for the two set can find it here :



htakat said...

or ,for more download
front cover and the back can find it and here


ubu said...

I have this from dime, my info says December 19, not December 9.

Anonymous said...

All but part 1 is available. I guess this is normal considering that it's over 2 years. Any chance you can reup? Thanks in advance.

Clifford Allen said...

I too would like set one... would be happy to trade something but I guess you all probably have everything.

ericleofdolphi (AT) gmail (DOT) com

onxidlib said...
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jeff said...

Thanks so much Ernst. Appreciate your time brother!