16 May 2012

Manfred Schoof Quintet - Suite

Something more from the formative years of European free jazz or at least, bordering on it. This is the Manfred Schoof Quintet from Villa Berg, Stuttgart,  during a "Woche der leichten Musik 1966". Light music, eh? Strong line-up on this piece with many of the leading lights of the German scene at the time.

Just one piece or suite lasting a little over 20 minutes with four or five sections separated by themes played in unison, giving way to individual solos from all five. It's hard to pick out highlights here, perhaps the high-pitched trills of Schoof coming on quite like Don Cherry or the propulsive, muscular tone of Niebergall. And we get to hear Jaki Liebezeit who would later go on to fame and perhaps fortune with krautrock supremos Can. He was not the only krautrocker to start out in jazz.

I'm not sure whether this piece later ended up on record. Maybe some of our readers know?


October 18, 1966 – Stuttgart (Germany), Villa Berg (Woche der leichten Musik 1966)

Manfred Schoof cnt/flh;
Gerd Dudek ts;
Alexander von Schlippenbach p;
Buschi Niebergall b;
Jaki Liebezeit d.

1. SUITE (M.Schoof/A.v.Schlippenbach/Don Cherry) – 21:30

Length: 1t/22'
Source: rb/WDR, recorded by SDR (Süddeutscher Rundfunk Stuttgart)

This is off the Dime network, so thanks to uploaders et al. 


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This recording was never issued in any form!
The only official recordings from this group were released on Wergo > here (link is still active), another one on FMP "The Early Quintet" and one track on the LP "INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL PRAHA '66" on (SUPRAPHON, 1967).
And not to forget their collaboration with the german composer Bernd Alois Zimmermann > here

Maybe it's interesting to know that at least one reason why Jaki Liebezeit left the group (and Free Jazz in general) in 1968 was his desire to play music which has a definite beat.

Not later than 1969 Paul Lovens became the drummer - an example of this phase upcoming here at IS...

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Thanks for the added info, onx!

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Appreciated, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to add there's even one more (quite lovely) LP: "Voices" from 1966!
Not sure right now, but it's possible that the theme around 13:40 in this upload also is on "Voices" (theme is familiar to me, but I can't identify it as coming from the Wergo- or FMP-LP)

Great stuff!

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@ Anonymous

Off course you are right - how could I forget this fine album "Voices".

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Forgot to mention that "Voices" is again available on CD.

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guys-I don't think the above new list of Schoof is entered right...? But Bozo is pretty computer stupid, too. All this stuff is mouth-watering BTW!

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@ Bozo the perplexed Clown.

Which list to you mean? A perplexed onxiblib ;)

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I had several listens to "Voices", but I couldn't link any of the tracks to a section or theme of "Suite". The line-up is the same and the overall approach is similar to the live piece. It could be that "Suite" was made specifically for the concert in Stuttgart, and the studio recordings were in fact done several months prior to the concert. However, Don Cherry is co-credited as composer, so there could be a Don Cherry tune in there. No that unlikely as Schoof sounds like Cherry at times.

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