22 February 2012

Theo Loevendie Three on Studio Radio VARA, Hilversum

With all the recent postings of Theo Loevendie, I thought I'd hit the archives to seek out this set from 1967 which was aired on Dutch radio. A trio setting, Loevendie tripling on soprano sax, bass clarinet and piano. This was one of many tidbits from the early days of European free jazz uploaded to Dime in late 2007 by "sammler KK". A true treasure trove of rarities. More to come!

The original notes:

1967-03-00 / LOEVENDIE
March 1967 – Hilversum, Studio Radio VARA
Theo Loevendie ss/bcl/p; Maarten van Regteren-Altena b; John Engels d.

1. LADY PENELOPE, long version (Theo Loevendie) – 8:30
2. ESMA (Theo Loevendie) – 5:18
3. LADY PENELOPE, short version (Theo Loevendie) – 5:36

Length: 3t/19'29"
Source: rb/VARA, Radio Hilversum 1967
Lineage: FM>reeltape>HD>flac
Notes: There are further (different) version of these two titles issued on LP: The Theo Loevendie Three "Stairs", rec. on 19th & 20th March 1967 in Amsterdam: LADY PENELOPE (4:50) & ESMA (5:50)


kinabalu said...


Nick said...

Thanks for this - will look forward to more tidbits if this s what they are like

Colin Green said...

Any chance of an upload to Rapidshare? Oron is telling me I have to wait over 2 hours to download unless I'm signed up to it.

Bill said...

Wonderful Kinablu. To hear this trio again is a treat! I hope there's more Loevendie among the tidbits.

kinabalu said...

@Bill: That's the only Loevendie I have, but there are many other items from the same period which I'll get to eventually.

@Colin: Rapidshare may give you less waiting time, but downloads are notoriously slow for non-account users and may drop off in the course of downloading. I'll consider other options.

@Nick: That's what they are like.

Colin Green said...

Fine, but frankly Oron seems the worst of all the sites you've been trying recently. Jumbo seemed to work well.

Andy said...

kinablu, oron does seem to be very slow. If rapidshare is being silly with free users, how about Onx's Jumbo?

kinabalu said...

Alternative link:

http://www.fileserve.com/file/6KdKgMF/1967-LOEV - Hil.zip

riccardo said...

For me Oron is twice faster than Mediafire!

JC said...

Thanks. There was another Hilversum set of his from 1980.

upkerry14 said...

A simple alternative to all this nonsense is :

I know Kin i son this already but if one person DLs this album you can share it all you like....

Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Re-up please? Thank you.