30 May 2014


Paul Dunmall, soprano saxophone
Philip Gibbs, guitars
M. Balachandar, mridangam

1. Soonachudra  11:22
2. I could yak it  22:23
3. Manjah  9:21
4. Speaking about others  8:22
5. Yellow paste  5:17

Recorded at Victoria Rooms, Bristol.  8 February 2001
Engineer: Jonathan Scott


Andy said...


Vitko said...

Bravo! Some time ago you promised that this would happen. Many thanks to you Andy, and of course my greeting to Mr. Dunmall. I personally got four new pearls. The only small criticism, maybe you should not give all at once, now, every free moment I use to listen the music and already feel that me at home preparing storm:) - All the best Andy, and ... Paul is really great.
I am infinitely grateful.

chrisc said...

Thank you Andy. Being a fan of both free jazz/improv and Indian classical i'm really intrigued by this.

SOTISE said...

Yes i love Hindustani classical , and other Indian musics many thanks to Both you and Paul!

Eigil said...

Thanx for another great DUNS-release.

It's really great to have all this wonderful music made available again. Dunmall is a fantastic musician!

Wallofsound said...


corvimax said...

much enjoyed, many thanks